Monday, June 24, 2013

What will PeaceCamp2013 be?

The PeaceCamp 'brand' is not mine, but no one else has done anything with it this year, so I was thinking of doing a PeaceCamp2013.

The PeaceCamp2010 protest existed for 3 months, starting on July 4th, 2010.  PeaceCamp2011 and PeaceCamp2012 were very short, only a few days each, before and after New Years.  The resulting sentence was longer (2 years) than the sentence for PeaceCamp2010 (6 months).  For PeaceCamp2013, one of the considerations (for me) is that 2 year sentence, currently suspended.  If I do ANYTHING in California, I might be given a ticket, which might lead to a review of the suspended sentence, which could mean jail, immediately.

As I understand why @rabite, briefly tweeting from prison, was silenced (prison security, because some people call hits, while down), I wouldn't expect to have a public voice for very long, after returning to jail.  So, instead, I am thinking of doing a virtual protest, this time.  With iconography (a #LegalizeDreaming motif, similar to the pepper spraying cop), protesting the criminalization of sleep by sleeping at pertinent locations (City Hall, California Legislature, Congress, Whitehouse, UN, Statue Of Liberty, etc).

I've been told that July 2nd is the 'real' Constitution day, bureaucratic delays pushed it to July 4th.  So I am thinking of starting the protest on July 2nd, this year.

There is another, bigger protest, that will be starting on July 4th, and their protest will likely drown out mine.  And I probably won't have artwork ready by July 2nd, so there might not be much to drown out.

Although, in a way, PeaceCamp2013 has already started.  Memes are handy, that way...

Update on the 2nd case.

Ed, the lawyer, filed some procedural stuff (Petition For Writ Of Review).

Details can be found on his blog.