Thursday, January 3, 2013

Status Of Appeal And Writ

Ed (the lawyer) tells me the appeal for the second case (the solo protest of the criminalization of sleep and the criminalization of protest itself) has been filed.

The next date of importance is January 10th, the filing deadline for their response. The filing deadline after that is January 30th, for our response to their response. Then, weeks later, a Santa Cruz panel of judges will probably review the appeal and make a decision. Overturn the verdict (unlikely), reject the appeal (possible), or let it move forward to the 6th Circuit (that is what happened last time).

So I will be digging through case law, between the 10th and the 30th, suggesting citations for the response response, etc. You can help too, if you'd like.

If interested, you could also help find amicus candidates. Ed needs amicus briefs, soon, as part of the effort to have the first appeal, um, no, the writ of habeas, heard by higher courts. If only to get a written opinion on the court's approval (or disapproval) of the criminalization of sleep (and by extension, of existence).

Honestly, I am not expecting much help from amicus briefers. Given what little experience I have had with name brand civil rights organizations (large and small); they seem more interested in polishing the acceptable distant past, with their backsides, while engaging in wine and cheese artifice. Only when the marketable association is easy, and a win likely, do they seem willing to take a stand in the now (which is why I refer to them as #FashionVictims). It would be nice to experience some real legal support from name brands, but until it is considered acceptably active, my guess is no meaningful assistance will be forthcoming.

That's OK. Seeking exhaustion is exhausting...