Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It Is Difficult To Trust The NLCHP

The Bell v. Boise case was a sprout of hope on a dark and gloomy judicial branch. Sadly, the all-too-typical strangulation via procedural technicalities occurred, yet again, and this time it was the NLCHP that went limp. One of the excuses used: some plaintiffs were no longer homeless, implying they were no longer at risk of citation (yet another reason why protected class status is needed, for the hate laws are obviously targeted and selectively enforced). Perhaps the NLCHP club was exhausted by the planning of their McKinney-Vento Awards cheese chewing party held at The Liason. I can only wonder if, arriving or leaving, any tipsy attendees stepped over anyone sleeping illegally.

It isn't the first time the fight for homeless civil rights has been used and abandoned. Perhaps there should be laws discouraging such predatory cynicism?

Meanwhile, back in Santa Cruz; Tristia Bauman from the NLCHP will be speaking at Sleep Is A Right. Is it a PR appearance? Prelude to a case? The food will be vegan, so chewing cheese seems unlikely.