Thursday, December 29, 2011

Protest Of One

So, after some personal drama and breaking news of that 9th Circuit ruling, I decided to protest, again.

This time the protest starts late (8pm+) and ends early (5am). No hanging out, no chatting, no food, no crime, no drinking, no drugs, no litter, no pets, no bathroom and no going to the bathroom. Show up, set up signs, sleep, wake up, clean up, leave. If you can't pack it in 2 minutes, don't bring it. If anyone can tell you were there last night, you are doing it wrong. Just like stealth sleeping, with added visibility. The timing means no blocking access for others (a common slander/libel against local protests). The austerity means no easy bigotry targets (this means you, Sentinel), and also discourages anyone just in it for the treats/action/business.

In the wake of OSC, however, law enforcement presence is hyper vigilant right now. First Alarm too. So, soon after I arrived, a citation was issued. As usual, they took my signs and sleeping gear. As the PC2010 saying went, without protest signs it's just hanging out. So I am conflicted about what to do until Monday (when the property people return to work). After being booked and released for the first ticket, I returned to the protest, and was quickly cited again. The cold didn't bother me as much as the lack of signs.

Maybe I'll add a wish list after some foraging...

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