Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pending Appeal Number One

There are rumors of an appeal panel hearing on Thursday, JulyJune 14th, 4pm. Ed (my lawyer, fellow protester, and recent 'cellie') and I will appear to hear the Santa Cruz Court decide on our near term fate. We were prosecuted for protesting the sleeping ban, receiving 6 month sentences. My understanding is the panel might allow the appeal to proceed (next stop, 6th District Court Of Appeal), or not (next stop, 6th District Court Of Appeal, appealing the denial of appeal). The panel could also overturn the ruling but how likely is that in a Santa Cruz Courtroom?

You can read some of the court filings at

Apparently, if the appeal paperwork isn't ready, [or the judges are extra grumpy,] we might be remanded immediately. So if there isn't any Twitter activity, or blog posts, I am probably in jail again, for peacefully protesting the criminalization of sleep and the criminalization of protest.


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