Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Unfashionable Defiance

Why is sleep a crime?  It is difficult to get an answer, from anyone.  It is much easier to get a conviction (sentenced to 6 months and then sentenced to 2 years).  The appellate court refuses to hear arguments.  So sleep is still illegal.  A fundamental human need remains a crime.

Recently someone dared, using chalk, to write things like "No Thanks, Big Banks" on the sidewalk in front of Bank Of America.  Upset about the big bank bailouts, he expressed himself, and was taken to trial.  The threat of 13 years, if convicted, seemed to wake a lot of people up.  Now that the chalkist has been acquitted, those people will probably return to sleep.  Meanwhile, those suffering from predatory foreclosure continue to join those that face jail time, for the act of sleeping.

In Detroit, The Empowerment Plan is helping by making coats that are also sleeping bags.  This too is very fashionable.  But the difficult question remains unanswered, even among fans of The Empowerment Plan; why is sleep illegal?  In Santa Cruz, wearing such a coat/sleeping bag could result in a ticket, because using a blanket to keep warm at night, even if awake, is also a crime.  You think I am kidding?  I am not kidding.  I have received that very ticket.

Do you have an answer for that inconvenience question?  Do you know anyone that has an answer for that question?

I don't care if it is unfashionable.  I am going to keep asking.

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