Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Why Sleep Is A Crime.

After years of no response, when questioning people and public figures, I've decided to start PeaceCamp2014 by listing possible motives for the criminalization of sleep, because petty tyrants (even the judicial branch) have demonstrated a clear and persistent lack of courage, when asked a simple, direct question.

Why is sleep a crime?

Pride. Walled people are burdened with the belief they are better, allowing them to feel it is acceptable to criminalize the fundamental biological needs of others.

Wrath. Their unchecked feelings of hatred and anger toward others drives a grotesque fetish, controlling minute details of existence.

Gluttony. Their indulgent and consumptive lifestyle is not held back by their walls, generating the need to control every space, resource, and person.

Avarice. Trapped in their cycles of unfulfillable lust, desire forces them to claim sovereignty over the dreams of others.

Envy. Seeing others free from the materialism they cling to so desperately, destroying lives becomes a sick and twisted projection of self loathing.

Sloth. Having failed to develop spiritually, they fail to act when their aggressive cohorts create inhumane laws used to persecute others.

Perhaps you disagree, and have a perfectly reasonable and rational explanation for the criminalization of sleep. I dare you to state it.

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