Friday, January 6, 2012

Mmmm, warm.

Recovered some protest property (slightly damaged, as usual, so much for respect) yesterday, returned to the protest site last night and, just as I was dozing off, was injected into a local radio show/interview/debate/mudfight.

After that, I quickly fell asleep and for the most part stayed that way, through the night.

If there was a Sheriff chat last night, I wasn't conscious for it!

I'd write more but it is Friday, I went unharassed at the protest last night, and I'm well rested (for a change), time to go help feed some people.

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  1. After getting a phone call from you early this morning (Saturday 1-7), I wrote the following and sent it out to santa cruz indymedia, facebook for ooccupysantacruz, and the HUFF e-mail list:

    Gary in Jail

    Fifteen minutes ago, Gary called me from county jail. Though I tried to speak with him, the phone company apparently won't let you accept collect calls without some special prior preparation. When I attempted to deal with that, I was cut off.

    A subsequent call to the jail (831-454-2420--then dial 0 to avoid answering machine hell) put me in touch with Deputy John Ferrara. He told me the phones were sometimes buggy, though Gary was supposed to get a free phone call. He said that Gary is in jail on a "drunk in public charge" (647f). More likely it's a lodging charge of 647e and Ferrara got the last letter wrong. Particularly since Ferrara also told me Gary's being held on $5000 bail--when the frequent practice with drunk in public is to simply hold folks for 5 hours without charge or bail and release them.

    The deputy also noted that Gary wouldn't be able to get to court likely until Tuesday morning.

    Well, as Judge Gallagher put it when he sentenced Gary to six months in jail late last spring for his peaceful protest against the Sleeping Ban: "you can sleep in jail."

    I encourage folks to call the jail to inquire as to Gary's well-being,and present status.

    The sign Gary retrieved from deputy lock-up a few days ago on a prior arrest said "Sleep is Not a Crime". I guess the County wants to press it's point that, if they say so, it is.