Thursday, January 5, 2012

Still Sleepin'

I didn't expect to be posting again so soon! Was it the lack of a blanket or sleeping bag keeping arrest at bay? Was it the trouble with 602 v. Constitutional protections? A change of heart? A pause to reflect?

Yesterday morning, after a long cold night of waiting; I left the protest site, looking forward to the drum circle yesterday afternoon, not knowing why I was not cited, nor arrested. There was talk of ticketing, of 602 v. Constitutional protections, and more, throughout the night, but that didn't matter now; I was more excited about being able to get to the drum circle on time!

Similar intrigue occurred last night, including my continued lack of arrest, which was nice, especially after a fun drum circle yesterday afternoon.

I'd be more specific but The Media was at the protest last night, I wouldn't want to scoop anything before letting others have a chance. :)


  1. Gary,
    I was at Peace camp 2010 on and off.
    Found some legal definitions on the net. One of them is geared towards contesting an existing law. Its called a demurrer. Once filed the court is forced by itw own ruled to review in a seperate proceeding the law and any ambiguity mentions by the filed greivance against the law(suit). The court must also stop all proceedings on the current case until the demurrer has been decided upon.
    Just thought you might want to know.

  2. Thank you Gary.
    For your consideration and the fence repair.
    Having witnessed the vandalism of the landscaping fence after the GA
    on the evening of the 4th. I'm concluding I'm not hanging out with a community of my peers. Occupy Santa Cruz is not representing my values. All the best with your adventures.

  3. Thank you for the thanks! The fence mending was nothing, just a bit of peace making (I am not a fan of the fence, nor its implications, in case anyone is confused). I do suggest holding off on walking off, until after the group frustrations subside. It's easy to understand why someone might act out against the fence (or other stuff), let's give them a chance to calm down and then work together towards lasting solutions to our collective problems (sigh, now I really feel like a PR droid).

    Hey Steve. Did we get a chance to chat at PC2010? Courthouse? City Hall? Yep, demurrer are interesting things, and have been attempted, perhaps Linda's ( was the most recent. To be honest, I am not all that hopeful about the legal system, but it's part of the prescribed process so when in Rome...