Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What Are You Doing In?

After the appeal status hearing, next week, I'll probably be going to jail.

The appeal of the conviction for the first protest (against the sleeping ban) is dead, the 6th refused to hear and refused to certify the appeal. The next step is the State Supreme Court (via Habeas), or the Federal Supreme Court, or both, or neither if they also refuse the request for sane social policy.

The deadline for starting the appeal of the second protest is soon, and it could get interesting. Meanwhile, Ed's ankle, and everything near it, is under severe scrutiny (and Ed could use some work!), Linda is still being persecuted, and some public interest researchers that covered PC2010 were/are being persecuted for reporting other stories. After tweeting a bit longer, I'll be in jail, checking my S# account, maybe organizing a Police Misconduct, Law & Litigation study group, and deciding what to do next.

What are you doing?

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